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Junior Golf: The 5 Keys to Success and Enjoyment

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Key 1

More than just hitting good shots--reinforce true fundamentals of the game, tradition, rules and etiquette. As we know, golf is a very difficult game. The surest way to succeed and to enjoy the game over time is to learn the time-tested fundamentals at an early age. As Ben Hogan noted, there aren't really that many fundamentals to learn but it does take time and practice to do so. There is no better time to do this than when one is young.

A great way to help a child is to get him/her enrolled in lessons and in a structured junior program. I have taught hundreds of kids over the past decade and I can confidently say that even if each one of them has not gone on to be a champion, virtually all of them are still playing and enjoying everything that golf offers.

There's more to winning in golf and winning in

golf is more than just good technique.

It is important to find a junior program that goes beyond working on technique alone and that addresses the rules, etiquette and history of the game. I believe that the rich history of golf, along with the integrity and the consistency of the rules over time, make golf a unique game that teaches valuable life lessons. Understanding and appreciating these aspects of golf are equally important as learning how to hit long drives and how to make crucial putts.

A full appreciation of all that golf offers is the best way to keep juniors enjoying the game. After all, is winning a trophy always more important than having the opportunity to play a round of golf with one's best friend or grand parents? Golf is one of the rare sports that can provide such an experience.

Key 2

Provide a structure for learning and developing Much like life itself, golf is a game that has so many facets that one can easily get lost in the process of learning everything that is needed to succeed.

It is very important to provide a structured environment for kids to develop a full appreciation of the game. I have found that such a program should provide a mix of group classes, private lessons, camps, tournaments and social events. Weekly group classes intermixed with private lessons is a great way to learn the fundamentals. Tournaments are a great way to learn how to manage stress and learn how to solve problems. Social events create long-lasting friendships that are an integral part of the game.

Keys 3-5 coming soon....

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