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Soar Like an EaGLE

At the heart of this program lies a universal truth, greatness is earned. The debate about the relative importance of natural talent vs hard work in achieving success will certainly never be entirely resolved. However, one thing for sure is that there has never been a champion of anything who has said something to the likes of…”I simply rely on my natural talent to carry me through.”

The EaGLE program teaches juniors how to achieve success.

Through a year-long commitment, the junior golfer will develop the techniques (swing and other) and the resolve needed to become a tournament player. In this program, we create a unique team experience where students help each other and push each other.

Included in the program:

-unlimited access to group classes
-weekly private lessons
-tournament coaching and support
-team golf gear
-golf resume building


Practice is not a matter of years and months, it is a matter of concentration.  Koichi Tohei

George Duangmanee (2020) commits to UVA. Congratulations George!

For complete details about this one-of-a-kind program in Northern Virginia,
contact Stephen directly by email at

Gary Bullard standing next to his bag at West Point. You can be proud!
gary and bag.jpeg
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