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Advanced Golf Camp

Designed with tournament players in mind, this camp is ideal for juniors who want to learn how to prepare for big events. During this intensive camp, we will discuss the best practices used by touring professionals. We will work to develop shot patterns, course management and a mindset that will lead every golfer to their optimal performance. All of this will be done in a fun environment that keeps the students engaged.


  • For youth golfers competing in 18-, 36-, and 54-hole events

  • Designed to enhance all the skill sets needed to compete at the highest levels

  • Learning proper mindset principles to develop skills sets and rely on to compete

  • Learning to prepare for tournament play in training, course preparation, practice rounds, and skills preparations


  • Focus and Concentration– Junior golfers learn ways to calm their minds when playing competitively. They will learn how to better prepare themselves mentally for tournaments and how to get focused as they approach each shot on the course. 

  • Confidence—Students will learn how confidence works and how to tap into it when it matters most.  

  • Individual swing projects – Swing review will help students gain a better understanding of personal swing patterns.  

  • On-course performance – Students will learn how to deal with on-course situations that most impact their scores.

  • Course management – Students will learn how to analyze the course hole by hole, allowing them to set up strategies that take advantage of their individual strengths. 


Camp includes:

  • Full Swing and Short Game skills evaluation and set a detailed solutions for short and long-term success

  • Introduction/enhancement of proven mental skills system

  • Video Analysis of Full Swing with a personal practice drills

  • Set training protocols that player can use in their individual practice

  • Notebook and specific analysis tools


Camp Details:

  • Dates: July 22-26 (one week only)

  • Times: 3 pm to 8 pm (This camp is for juniors who are serious about improving. Because of the unique nature of this camp, it will run in the afternoon and evenings).

  • Cost: $750/camper

  • Camp is limited to 6 players

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