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Private Lessons

All private lessons include the use of video to help you understand how your swing works.

In addition to video, we also have 3D motion capturing technology and the Flightscope launch monitor.

With all this technology at your disposal, you will gain a greater understanding of how your particular

swing creates the different shots that you currently hit AND why you have a hard time hitting the

shots you WANT to hit.

From that point forward, things become crystal clear and real progress can begin.

Mind Leads the Body….
Our formula is simple: the mind leads the body. Once the mind understands, your body will follow. After your lesson, you will have an understanding of what drills to practice and why.

I agree 100% with Ben Hogan: “The average golfer is entirely capable of building a repeating swing and breaking 80 if he learns to perform a small number of correct movements.”



Lessons with Stephen

1 hour-$165 ($140 Member of Belmont Country Club)
5 hours-$800 ($720 Member of Belmont Country Club)

"The best money that I have ever spent."    
Melan Patel
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