Vincent Marvaso

Vincent joined the MoskalGolf team in 2018 and made immediate impacts with our students. He has a passion for the game and for teaching, whether it be introducing a beginner to the game or helping an active player progress and improve. 
Working as a true guide in the learning process, Vincent's process is clear: "The most important role that I play as a golf coach is to clearly lay out the steps that are required to take a student’s game to the next level."

Vincent understands that every golfer’s physical make-up is different and as a result, so are their golf swings. The golf swing is not a one size fits all! By ensuring that the student, you, fully understand how your swing works, the path to a more successful game becomes much clearer.

"Everyone, regardless of size, age, or physical ability, is capable of developing a repetitive golf swing. After mastering the core fundamentals, grip, posture, and alignment, students can then learn more easily the key relationship between arm swing and body rotation." Coach Vincent lives by that philosophy and the progress of his students shows its effectiveness.  


Agraduate of the University of Maryland, Vincent is also certified by the USGTF as a Teaching Professional since 2000 and he is also a certified club fitter with Golfsmith and Maltby Club Fitting. Vincent has also designed his own ultr-lite golf bag, a great concept that allows one to conveniently carry a few clubs from the cart to the ball or to simply enjoy the game while working.

What some of Vincent's students have to say:

"..I won the tournament for the first time, by 3 strokes, and felt a sense of accomplishment that stemmed from one thing - preparation.  Vince prepared me for many of the shots I faced during the round and while they did not all go perfect, my mental approach to maintain focus on the next shot is what I truly believe was a difference. My time spent with Vince has been greatly introspective and I feel that I have come so far with his tutelage. He embodies great characteristics of a teacher:  informed, calculated, step-wise, patient, and uplifting.  I've seen him do great things with the kids, and now he has invigorated my desire to continue to improve my game as each new season dawns upon us.  I consider Vince a great golf coach for anyone whether new to the game or looking to take their game to the next level.  Can't thank you enough Vince!"      Ram

"The impact on my game was immediate: In my next round at a course I regularly play, my score literally dropped by ten strokes. I hit the ball reliably straight off the tee, and played in the fairway far more than I ever had before.  And because Vince had provided me a limited, specific set of instructions, I could readily recall them to make corrections in the course of the round. 

Vince's instruction was just what I needed to redirect my game.  I greatly look forward to working on my short game with him in our next session, and have complete confidence I can improve further under his instruction.  Thanks Vince!"


"My two sons (Jason 7 & Ethan 12) have been learning golf from Coach Vince for past one and a half years and 

we have noticed a tremendous improvements in both swing techniques as well as their attitude/inner strength. 

I think his teachings have been very effective for my kids because he has introduced "golf" at their eye level and 

he knows how to make the connection from "golf knowledge" to swing motion. 

Moreover, my dad who is a very active senior who is a self-taught golfer had a lesson with Coach Vince. 

Although my dad strongly believed that he did not need a lesson, I ended up signing him up because 

I truly want him to experience the right way to swing once in his life time. Coach Vince watched how my dad swung 

and introduced new golf swing without pressure. My dad is currently working on to change his swing, which he had over forty years.

Golf can be uneasy sport to be taught and introduced, but Coach Vince knows how to teach so any players can learn and enjoy it!"

The Jin Family